Friday, April 10

Smarty Pants at the Dance Party

So, this is very obviously a project aimed at pre-adolescent girls, but I am still a fan of Amy Poehler's creation. Smarty Pants at the Dance Party is a web series where Poehler and her friends interview young girls about what makes them unique, whatever that may be; an interest in writing, yoga, dance, gardening, etc. The focus is different than a normal situation where the girls would be asked what they would like to do when they grow up. Instead they are asked about what they are doing now, why they are passionate about their interest, and they are encouraged to believe that making a commitment to something is worth while. Though the theme song is a little bubble gum, and the dance party at the end a little cheesy, if I were a ten year old I would be so excited about something like this. It's great to see something that encourages girls to not shy away from being smart. I have seen enough young girls in my classes who are afraid to show that they know the answer because they think people will think less of them. Be proud of your intelligence! Oh, and here is a sample of the show.

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