Tuesday, May 19

This girl means business!

I am currently finishing my last shift as a PC, but I am just learning some of the best tricks and am almost sad that this is the end. Example: this morning my friend Chris, who lives in the dorm my group is staying in, sat down next to me at breakfast and said "Kelly...5:45." I looked at his drowsy face and knew that the kids next door had woken him up at that ungodly hour. "I'll take care of it," I told him, "tomorrow you will sleep in peace." So I took this photo of him.

I showed the kids who woke him up and said, "This is my friend Chris. He was woken up at 5:45 this morning...by you... and it was too loud for him to get back to sleep. Look at this face, he had to teach ALL day like this. Tomorrow morning PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, respect the quiet hours." They apologized and promised me that they would be good. I also hung this sign in the hall outside of their rooms, just to ensure that poor Chris gets some sleep. I mean it kids! Don't mess with the sleep of your instructors, it's a bad idea.

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