Monday, July 27

The Birds!!!

We have a carnival for every group of kids that comes through and I typically throw together a very last minute costume; sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't, but tonight it worked. The theme is "At the Movies" so I decided to go as Melanie Daniels from Hitchcock's The Birds. It was fun and a welcome distraction from the pitfalls that keep coming my way...and I have been postponing telling people about. First and foremost, grad school, I will not be attending in the Fall because I didn't get enough financial aid. No one has money to give, and I am not willing to go in debt for the full amount of tuition. I plan on applying later, maybe when schools can actually afford to give funding. As for what I will be doing instead, that is an excellent question. Something will work though; if nothing else I can just spend my time pretending that I'm being attacked by birds.


alexae said...

your sister is kinda bummed out. :(

C.C.W. said...

I still think about our ideas of owning a photography studio and flower shop? What do you think?