Wednesday, July 15

Sky Rockets in Flight

Today was the field trip for the advanced rocket class. I was recruited to drive and found myself in a situation that was sort of like the fireworks shows that have become a regular part of life as a Visel. Just like a fireworks show the launch was on a big open field so nothing important could burn and there was intense scrutiny of the launch by the fire department. Drama ensued when the fire inspector canceled the launch, announced it back on, canceled, and then allowed it as long as we launched under the name of the Temecula Rocket Club instead of Astrocamp. I don't see the logic in this, but at least all the kids got to launch the rockets they worked so hard on.

This was, to many people's surprise, my first real rocket launch. It was assumed that, because we grew up with fireworks, I also grew up with rockets. Ummm...I was raised in a forest, we don't start fires in our back yard. I was impressed with it though and enjoyed the scent of sulfur.

Here is the repair station, for all the rockets that got some damage on the way down the hill.

Some rockets had special nose cones designed to hold an egg. Most eggs ended up like this.

Overall, it was a good day; and now I can say that I've been to a rocket launch.

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Anonymous said...

Goodie! Different things that go "boom" with a sulpher smell. Aren't fire inspectors a peachy group? Hmm, maybe THAT was the sulphur smell? Ah, well, glad you had fun!Mom