Thursday, August 20

Groovy Baby

In between seasons at Astrocamp I've been picking up extra work in town. The Quiet Creek Inn is one of those places; the main thing we do is go to vacation rentals and clean them for the owners. This means that we see a wide variety of living arrangements and styles of decoration. Sometimes the moment I enter a rental I feel at home, and sometimes we open the door and I think "What on earth?" One house in particular amuses me because it's straight out of the 1970s. Very little is modern in the house, and the things that are modern seem more out of place than the rest of the decor. Case in point, the kitchen; modern cabinets nestled into the olive green fake wood, brightly colored chairs, and distinctly patterned tiles.
The built in book shelves are next to every bed, complete with a hefty bed side table, and a bulky lamp.
Notice the awkward loft, large, exposed, olive green beams.
One of two spiral staircases.
Check out the lamp.
They even have an arcade game on the bottom floor.
So now that the 70s pad is clean, welcome back to the current century.

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