Friday, September 4

The Museum of Unintended Use

The Museum of Unintended Use is a blog dedicated to the documentation of unconventional uses for various items. I might be a little too excited about finding this blog, but it's fun to play around with new ideas for old things. Who says the inventor gets the final say in the use of a product? Before this blog I would read the Real Simple New Uses for Everyday Items, and think "Oh my goodness! I have to try that!" I suppose this curiosity with reinvention isn't new for me; I was the child who used to take the storage tubs in her closet, dump them out, and flip them over to display things on. Never thinking twice that the inventor of the tub meant for things to go in them, rather than on them. I'm glad to find a blog devoted to this same fascination. If you are interested in more unconventional uses for every day products you should also check out 'How to Make a Flashlight from an Altoid Tin', 'How to Make a Speaker from an Altoid Tin', and 'How to Make a Belt from an Altoid Tin' on

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