Tuesday, December 1

The Artist Loft

I have decided that I should balance the decorating discussion a little; after all of the ridiculous pine cone and dead thing decor I bring you one of my favorite houses, "The Artist Loft." This is the house that I could see myself living in with some very minor adjustments. It's a cute house with a loft, skylights, a nice kitchen, and a cool little bathroom. The decor throws off many of the other house keepers who look at the drawing dummy with the broken leg and ask me "is this an art thing?" Yup, that it is. You will see in the following picture an Eames Chair that I am often tempted to sit in and read some of the books on that side table.
There is a little dinning area, and lots of area rugs to contrast the wood floor.
The kitchen is fairly standard but has lots of Frida Kahlo decor, home made ceramic mugs, pine needle baskets, and a HUGE variety of spices.
The bathroom is mostly green, but with accents of hand painted peacock ceramics.
The sink is probably the best part of this room.
Finally, here are some of the ceramics from the kitchen (slightly out of order).

I'm not sure exactly what it is about the Artist Loft that appeals to me so much; perhaps it's that it all feels so familiar, or that it looks like how I imagine an artist to live. There are some things I would change, like putting the bed in the loft instead of the living room and removing some of the African art; simply because there are other styles I prefer. However, as it stands, this house is in my top five for sure.

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