Wednesday, March 17

Dan McCarthy

I recently stumbled across a website dedicated to random art things, but mostly posters and prints. I saw a beautiful poster done by an artist named Dan McCarthy, and quickly found myself browsing his site. I love so much about his work; the bands he makes posters for, the subjects he chooses, the composition, the strong contrasts, and the little jokes inside his work. Some of his stuff also reminds me of other artists I like. This owl one makes me think of Edward Gorey.
He has lots of posters with stars and strong silhouettes as well.

This one cracks me up.
The composition and thick black lines in this poster reminded me of Nikki McClure's illustrations.

When I can once again afford to spend money on frivolous things I'd like to buy some of his work.

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Chuck Damage said...

Edward Gorey rules balls.