Tuesday, April 27

Giant Andy

Food artist Jennifer Rubell designed this Andy Warhol pinata for the Brooklyn Museum's annual gala. Apparently the plan is to break the pinata with bats and reveal the hidden contents; reportedly the crazed tissue covered head is filled with “the vernacular of American treats, which will remain nameless for the moment.” According to the New York Times, there will also be other food themed interpretations of contemporary art works. About.com reports that Rubell has designed food related events such as "drinking paintings, suspended melting cheese heads, and a larger-than-life dessert surprise." I have to commend the Brooklyn Museum on their choice of theme; having attended my fair share of gallery openings, I can say that there is nothing that brings people in faster than free food. Add to that the excitement of smashing Warhol's face and you're sure to draw a crowd.

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