Monday, July 5

Art Without Sight

Museums are notoriously touch free zones; docents ensure that visitors remain at a safe distance from art objects, signs are on every wall banning touching works, some museums use laser assisted alarms that chime if you step too close to any object. I understand the purpose for this policy, it's to protect the works of art, as museums are places to both learn about and to preserve history and the objects that have survived to this point in time; what preservation could be ensured if the general public were allowed to touch whatever they wanted? However, the limitations created by this policy create curiosities that almost every museum visitor would LOVE to explore. What if I could put my finger in that same spot that Monet touched? Would my understanding of that sculpture increase if I could feel the chisel marks? That is why this video from Art Babble is so interesting; it's about removing the sensation we usually experience art with, and allowing the "viewer" to use the sense we are seldom allowed to use while exploring art. I'm fascinated.

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