Sunday, July 25

It's Time We Met

One of my earliest museum memories was a traumatic one; we were at a dinosaur exhibit somewhere and they had a room with an animatronic T-Rex. I was perched upon my father's shoulders as we entered the room, which put me a good six feet something closer to eye level with this monstrous dinosaur that was growling and moving. I was convinced it would kill us all. For the sake of saving my father's face from my clawing frantic little fingers, we left the room and he pried me from his head. That is probably why this photo amuses me so much; I found it in the photo stream for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's advertising contest It's Time We Met. It's good to know I'm not the only kid traumatized by an exhibit.


Anonymous said...

...and yet, where do you spend as much time as possible?

Lamia said...

Oh man I have had so many of these moments....I sympathize with this child.