Friday, October 29

Creative Costumes

I've said this before, but I am a firm believer that Halloween is for being creative. It drives me crazy when girls throw on some lingerie, a pair of ears, and a tail and call it a costume. I have to show you an awesome creation by my friend Bonnie, her creativity in costumes has always made me happy. I present to you her Ren and Stimpy creation.

Seriously, you can still be feminine, just put some thought into it. Here are some pictures of costumes I found on Etsy that prove how much more fun it is to be creative, rather than slutty.
3D Glasses Dress by nicoleinder

Sushi Dress by SewOeno

Pink Monster Dress by devaniweaver

Nintendo Top by SewOeno

Gun Dress by nicolelindner

Finally, I present "the rules" via the movie Mean's amazing.


al'xae said...

Love the shot gun dress! I may steal that idea if I ever get conned into dressing up again...

Anonymous said...

Sure would love to buy your ren & stumpy costume! Would you consider selling it?

Kelly Visel said...

Ummmm....if you read the post you'll see that it isn't mine to sell. My friend Bonnie made those costumes out of random stuff at her house. If you put your mind to it you could probably do the same.

Yancy Davis said...

Whoever that is dressed up as Ren is simply adorable. I could totally see myself marrying her one day!