Tuesday, November 9

Mysteries at the Museum

The Travel Channel is the host of Mysteries at the Museum, my new favorite show. It reminds me of something I had seen previously called Mysteries of the Smithsonian; it was a good show, but they only air one episode and after awhile the same stories over and over no longer seem as mysterious. The Smithsonian is a truly spectacular museum, so I find it disappointing that the series stopped so early. I hope that this new show will last long enough to discuss more museum artifacts from various eras and from a variety of institutions. According the the Travel Channel website the series will be exploring fossils, wooden dummies from Roswell, Lizzie Borden's axe, World War II weapons, George Washington's dentures, and much more. I'm excited to see what the series will reveal.

Episodes are set to air Tuesdays at 9pm E/P.

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