Saturday, January 22

Copy and Paste

My lap top is dysfunctional; actually, just the keyboard is dysfunctional. Many of the keys still work, but some important ones no longer do, like the letters e, r, t, u, and p. Like many things in life, I had no idea how much I used these letters until they were taken from me. Three of them were actually in the password I use to turn the computer on, so it was almost a month before I could even log in. The trick to initially logging in was Elton's wireless keyboard. I then changed my password to something simple and have basically learned to copy and paste A LOT. I can access pretty much any website I need with my mouse alone, and almost everything else can be cut from web pages and pasted where I need it. Honestly, it's almost more fun to use my laptop now because I'm basically playing boggle. Am I writing this post from the broken computer?'m not THAT patient. All of this copy and past has made me think of some of the artists who do the same thing though. Bring on the collages!

Uncredited collage for Walt Disney Magazine 1959

Hannah Hoch "Modernization of Women" 1920s

Liesel Pfeffer "The Mountains Wait" 2009

Ray Johnson "Ray Johnson Collages, One Million Dollars" 1993

Chuck Close "Self Portrait" 2001

Lucas Simoes

Joseba Elorza

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