Sunday, January 30

Greek Sky

I recently found a website called Greek Sky that documents astronomical and atmospheric effects in the sky above Greece. It is a consistent documentation by photographer Chris Kotsiopoulos. I really enjoy his compositions and his passion for the area; he's created some really beautiful work. I also like that his website has a section of failures as well. It's not always easy to capture the perfect image, clouds roll in, the plane doesn't fly in from of the moon at the right time, etc. It's a fun site to explore, I encourage you to check it out.

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Anonymous said...

I love these!!!

And this isn't really related to your post but I think we should move to Italy (for a few months) and get our MA in International Art Crime & Cultural Heritage Protection Studies. Mainly because it's one hell of a title! Just think CSI and Art History.....we can be heros...with MA's!!!