Sunday, March 27

Hawkins Zoomorphic Collection

I would never be as comfortable at this exhibit as the curator is. I have always found animal carcasses disturbing. I am the girl that discovered my grandmother's fox stole in a trunk and freaked out because I touched it. I am also the girl that uses those long grabby things, that are meant for grabbing objects on tall shelves, for removing dead rodents that the cat brings home...when I don't have someone else do it for me. I almost stepped on a dead pelican on the beach once and the adrenaline that went pumping through me could have sent me running for MILES. So no, I would never be the one to curate this exhibit, but I have to admit that I find it fascinating. I'm sure many of these objects are Victorian in origin, and I am well aware that the Victorians had a distinctly different relationship with death than most of us in the United States do now. Still, I don't know how long I could comfortably examine this exhibit.

Cool Hunting Capsule Video: Zoomorphic Collection from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

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