Tuesday, August 23

Jeff Martin

Please allow me to introduce you to the work of Jeff Martin; Australian artist and creator of a very interesting series of paintings called "Back of the House," which features the kitchens of fifteen of Melbourne's best restaurants. I found a little blurb about him in the September 2011 issue of Food & Wine magazine, which lead me to his website where I found that I really love his style.
His paintings are interestingly cropped:

They often have captivating perspectives:

Interesting elements of motion:

and a sense of voyeurism.

If I had an opportunity to visit his exhibits in Australia I would absolutely make the trip. There is plenty of 'Back of the House' to be seen on his website though. Along with some other very interesting paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Here are a couple of the paintings I really enjoyed; they're both from his series 'From Favignana,' Martin's first solo exhibit, inspired by the fishermen of the island of Favignana, Sicily.

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Chris Hashemi said...

Those paintings are awesome! Although the second to last one totally looks like Hulk Hogan lol :)