Saturday, November 5

A Return to the Crystal Cathedral

It seems like ages ago, but back while I was still at Chapman University and just starting this blog, I did a post (found here) about a trip my art class took to the Crystal Cathedral. At the time, I looked around in disgust at the gaudy overpriced amusement park for Christianity. Why didn't all that money go to Christian charity rather than a grandiose worship space? What good do expensive religious sculptures and paintings do when there are actual people suffering who could benefit from the money spent on status symbols? As it turns out, four years after that visit and blog post, the Crystal Cathedral has filed for bankruptcy and is up for sale. Here's the article on the bankruptcy. However, the article that has me a little upset is here, written by Nicole Santa Cruz of the LA Times; the piece outlines a plan for Chapman University to purchase the Crystal Cathedral for $50 Million dollars. REALLY?!?! MY university is going to attempt to purchase this abomination? Administration dug their heels in when requests were made to expand or improve a deteriorating arts building, but they're going to pour money into a church that practices few of the values that the university itself holds? Here, let me show you the actual Chapman University Values:

Chapman University is a learning community dedicated to the following core values that define the university's character and help guide the actions of its members:

*Value the dignity of every person by treating people with civility and respect;
*Act with integrity and accept personal responsibility for our actions;
*Live a life of services to others;
*Undertake the search for truth and meaning through critical thinking and the never-ending pursuit of knowledge and creative expression;
*Engage in and promote an atmosphere of open and honest communication with others;
*Seek a just and caring community that embraces a diversity of ideas and experiences.

I really hope that President Doti looses this battle, because I can't stand the thought of my Alma mater being associated with that abomination.

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Amen!!!!! Mom