Sunday, August 12

Yamamoto Motoi

Japanese artist Yamamoto Motoi is an installation artist; working in poured salt he creates complicated labyrinths that contrast a dark floor. Motoi's work began as a memorial to his sister, who died of brain cancer. He used the salt to recreate the labyrinth of her cancer addled brain. The temporary quality of his work recalls the sand mandalas of Buddhist monks. At the end of each exhibit, the salt is gathered and tossed back into the ocean in a community project Motoi calls 'Return to the Sea.'
"The form as the work disappears. However, this salt dissolves in seawater and will support the life of various creatures. Possibly the opportunity when we eat it may come. Of course it is the best joy for me if it can meet again as material of the works."
For more information on Ymamoto Motoi, you can visit his website here.

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