Sunday, December 1

It Takes a Collector

I recently learned about a woman in Sydney Australia, Elinor Wrobel, who is eighty years old and spends her days protecting a medical museum located in the Sydney Hospital. It is a museum full of medical anomalies, and to hear her speak about it, every chunk of brain, bone, eye, tumor, and hairball are beautiful. She has a special place in her heart for this collection, and when it comes down to it, a museum collection really requires someone with a passion for it's contents. This photo essay, 'Stuff Me When I Die' by Ella Rubeli, paints a portrait of Elinor in a way that really illustrates her love for the collection. This video, is an extension of Ella's documentation of Elinor and her collection.

Just as a disclaimer, there is a disturbing image of an aborted fetus, so if you are upset my such things you may not want to watch this.

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