Friday, May 23

Roadtrip Art

Am I an art snob? Yes. 
This gas station gallery sent me over the edge though. I already detest Thomas Kinkade's work for various reasons, you can enter his name in the search bar and see several previous posts on this topic. Seriously though? Above the snacks and next to the ladies room were these prints, of prints, of prints, of originals that Thomas Kinkade may or may not have actually painted at some point in time. They are priced at $100 a piece. What a bargain! Excuse me while I use that ladies room to vomit. 

Also seen on my road trip with Lamia was this dancing lady, spotted at a cinnamon roll shop, that I will not name because they may send her to use those pointy little shoes to stomp my face before she steals my soul and makes me dance with her for all eternity. 

Spotted at the same cinnamon roll shop. I am confused as to why Danny Kaye is dancing in the foreground while that poor naked man cowers in the corner behind him.

Alright, enough of that, moving on.

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