Saturday, June 21

The Paw Project

'Woman and Cats' by Will Barnet 1965

     I try to keep this blog focused on art; it has always been a way for me to maintain a conversation I no longer get to have professionally. However, as an animal lover, this project means a lot to me and since I have a forum I feel the need to use it. The Paw Project is focused on raising awareness about the dangers of declawing cats and raising money to surgically help cats that have gone through the procedure.

     I had always been under the impression that declawing is a dangerous procedure because it removes the defenses of a cat, and because I grew up in a forest that seemed logical for our mountain dwelling felines. After crying my way through The Paw Project movie though, I can only categorize the procedure as animal cruelty all for the sake of saving some furniture. A sofa is not worth as much as the well being of these animals, and it's appalling that veterinarians justify performing declawing surgery when they actually know what the cat is going through. The movie is available for streaming on Netflix, and if you can stomach it, please watch. Better yet, if you can afford to donate to the cause, follow this link and please do so.

On a lighter note, here are some artists with their cats.









Kahlo (Yes, she's holding a monkey, but the cat's behind her.)

Greta Garbo

Margaret Bourke-White

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