Friday, May 20

We've Moved!!!

2006 was a year marked by many milestones. Nasa launched the New Horizons probe, Sadam Hussein was sentenced for crimes against humanity, the coffee mug turned 100 years old, and I began a little blog called Museum Muse.
Over the years I was able to use that blog to discuss art, art history, my personal adventures, and a slew of opinions I thought only my parents would ever read.
My following increased and people reached out to me in a way I never anticipated at the start of my journey into the blogosphear. However, while I grew as a person, the hosting site I used (Blogger) offered fewer options to grow as a website.

I stopped using it, simply because it felt dated, like writing in a Lisa Frank notebook in a non-ironic way. I wrote for other blogs, websites, art magazines, opinion columns, and even a celebrity focused juicing website. All the while I  told myself that one day I would launch a new website that didn't look like an extension of my Myspace profile.

Thus was born Visual Voracity, a space to speak in my authentic voice without adhering to someone elses' standards. To discuss the art that moves me, and to explore the vast world of creators in this wonderful, weird, world of ours.

My new website is LIVE! Visual Voracity has launched. Come check it out here at

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