Sunday, October 29


Fall is finally in swing here in Orange, and here is how you can tell. There are no falling leaves as there are in locations where seasonal change happens with great distinction, no, the change can be distinguished by the mutterings of those around me. "It's so cold!", "I need a heavier coat!", "I think I need to go back to my room for my Uggs", "Let's go make hot chocolate." The temperature dropped to the mid 60s tonight; in my book that means it's still t-shirt weather.

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lisa d said...

i am in the opposite position of getting used to seasons. in the nard the temperatures just went from mellow to mild, and even in frazier it got cold, but the folige changed from brown, to... merely another shade of brown.

in idy i take a hot shower every night to raise my internal temp before getting under my 4-5 layers of bedding. i'm knitting scarves like crazy.