Saturday, October 28

Ooooo...what a little fooball can do

Would you peg me as the type of girl to love football? Well, if you said no you would have guessed correctly. I do, however, work for the Chapman football team. This came about as a fluke, really, where I happened to be in the right place and possess the incredible ability to use a telephone and a computer. I have been the assistant to the recruiting coach for almost two and a half years now, but I've never seen our team play. Tonight, however, I did catch a glimpse of the scoreboard as I drove past the field to my dorm and to my amazement the Panthers were beating the Occidental Tigers 21 to 7; they were in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter so my assumption is that they have won a game. On this rare occasion I salute the men in black and red who presumably played a good game tonight. Bravo.

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lisa d said...

haha! this is the way i feel about the game, er, sport too. who cares? i wish i could get into it, but it takes forever to get half way down the field, i've got bigger fish to fry.