Friday, October 27

The Sculpture that Drunk Students Climb

This large steel sculpture, The Levitation of the Enchanted Princess by Tony DeLap, is one of the scupltures on our lovely campus that most people look upon with confusion. Few actually know the name of the structure and many express the sentiment that it should have swings for use between classes. It interests me that among the many surrounding sculptures, this is the one most students want to interact with. The material is steel, not an entirely warm material, and the color gray is not typically an inviting one. However, the whimsical shape and the location upon two grassy mounds make up for the colder features of the work. At night, drunk students take the sculpture as a challenge and climb to the top where they sit as if conquering a playground structure. Today, this sculpture gained a new place in my heart as it became the location where I sat down and recieved the news of a devestating fire near my home town. Nestled beneath the shadow of the "Enchanted Princess" I learned from my mom of the deaths of some of our local firemen, and the near deaths of a couple of my peers. Today The Levetation of the Enchanted Princess has proven to be an interactive sculpture in more ways than I had ever imagined it could be.

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