Tuesday, December 5

Student Show Submissions

With finals fast approaching, the student show has finally arrived. Tonight the entire art faculty will sift through the submissions and leave behind a trail of, what they deem to be, the best student work of the semester. Tomorrow the hanging committee, myself included, gets to sort through it all and give it some semblance of order; we shall see to what degree of success this goal is reached. The following are some images of this semesters submissions.

This is made with gum wrappers and titled "Cloud".

This is my favorite so far, the title is "Generation Gap."

This is my submission to the show; it stands at about 2 1/2 feet, I titled it "The Rise and Fall of Odilon Redon." Yes, I gave it a pretentious title, just because I can.


your sis said...

Clouds; At least it's not "Untitled" :P

lisa d said...

what's yours made out of? i dig it.

kelly v said...

Mine is high fire ceramic.