Sunday, December 3

Take Some Pride In Your Work People!

I have recently noticed that the Chapman graffiti is horrible. I mean, I don't particularly want our campus full of scrawled out gang epitaphs or anything, but if you're going to dedicate something to a wall shouldn't it be done well? There is certainly an art form to an affective graffiti tag, and many artists are either inspired by or began as tag artists; Jean Michel Basquiat, Margaret Kilgallen, and Barry McGee are just some known for working in this vain. As a subversive act, the tag artist has complete freedom from censorship (until the cleaning crew comes through) to write anything they wish. I would hope that the many educated people around me would have something valuable, humorous, aesthetically pleasing, or at least thoughtful to write. However, I have yet to find anything of quality in this art form on our little conservative campus; horrible.

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