Friday, March 23

Well Hello There Stranger

The number of practicing artists is immense, this is one thing that makes a career in art enticing. There is always something new to discover, some new artist to catch your eye, specifically at the moment when you least expect it. Tonight, while busing at The Red Kettle, one such artist came in to eat dinner with his wife. Jim Pankey, photographer, and lover of strong black coffee. The waitress was polite when he began to talk to her about photography. She listened and pretended to be interested as she jotted down his order. At the end of the evening, because she had so convincingly engaged him in a discussion about his passion, he left her with a web address to view his photos. She promptly gave me the slip of paper saying, "You like art Kelly, maybe you'll be more interested than I am." Here are some of his photos, I love that I stumbled upon them as I did.


lisa d said...


lily rock looked just like that as i drove home last night, and i had wished that i had taken a picture. no need.

BarefootKangaroo said...

Beautiful photos. Truly they are.