Sunday, April 29

Surprise Gallery Visit

On Friday I was asked to drive a customer to her chosen location, as I am often asked to do. It was my pleasure to drive this intelligent individual and we had a wonderful discussion on the way to the Calvery Chapel where she wanted me to drop her off. She was a nurse, and the wife of the pastor for this church. As often happens, she asked about my choice of college degree and when I said "Art History" she yelled "You have to come inside with me then! We're having our first ever fine arts exhibit/fund raiser; tonight's the opening." So I took a few minutes to follow her inside. The variety of mediums was impressive and the ambition to curate an art exhibit is something I admire. I only got these three shots with my camera phone because I felt strange taking photos under these circumstances, as if I were I spy discovering a secret art lair. It was a nice surprise though; I wish all of the customers I shuttled took me into an art gallery when I dropped them off.

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