Sunday, May 20

Offensive Coffee

I've come across an interesting church issue, coffee. Is it offensive to enjoy a cup of coffee during the service? Apparently, to some, it is offensive to have a cup of coffee at church. At my church in Orange this morning, I attended the traditional service. I usually attend the contemporary service, but I doubt that the coffee would have been less offensive at that service.
After a long day of graduations and family gatherings yesterday I found myself bleary this morning, but determined to worship at the church I rarely get to attend these days. On my way to the service I stopped at the Chapman Coffee House and purchased a medium cup of coffee, slipped into the back of the sanctuary, and proceeded to participate in the service as I have always done. However, after the service I went to get a drink of water when I overheard an old lady complaining to someone. "That girl with her cup of coffee, I could smell it during the whole service! We should prohibit all food and drink from the sanctuary." Ummmmm...alright. So she overlooked the fact that in a time where most people my age would rather be sleeping in on a Sunday I chose to attend church. If it's the smell that's offensive maybe I could get an iced coffee. I don't know if I'm being selfish here, or simply ignorant of other people's worship practices. What's the stance here? Is it wrong of me to have coffee as I worship?


lisa d said...

i had coffee in church today. i shook hands with the pastor and everything.

Anonymous said...

Miss Manners would argue that if your actions make others uncomfortable, then they are impolite. After all, Orange County is not known for its liberal people. You have also run into a Christian who is forgiven, but not forgiving! Where have we seen those before???? Anyway, the Presby. in Menifee around the corner from Bill & Melody have an entire balcony/coffee shop overlooking the chapel, so obviously the times they are a changin! Mom