Friday, June 22

The Del Mar Fair

A gathering of families and couples, wondering in a daze through the multi colored rickety rides as vendors shout out incentives to play their games. Every object is neon colored, scented, flashing, or a combination of the three. I did, however, have a good time and even sampled a deep fried snickers. I liken it to a pancake cradling a melted snickers bar, it was actually kind of tasty. Not to mention, Ingelbert Humperdink performed on the main stage the night I was there. The best part though? The ride "Magnum"; centering around Magnum PI, the airbrushed Tom Selleck mural had me laughing so hard I was crying by the end of the ride. A tribute to the tackiest aspects of American culture, the Del Mar Fair reminded me of so many artists who build their careers on American Kitch. Giant stuffed spiderman anyone?


alexae said...

I didn't know that Tom Selleck was a cone head... amazing. Can't believe you tried a deep fried snickers, my arteries hurt thinking about it.

kelly v said...

Yup, the out strange proportions of his head was my favorite part of the mural...hilarious.