Monday, June 25

LACMA Free Day!!!

Yesterday I picked up Chris from LAX, and in order to kill time before he landed I decided to check out the LACMA. It was both a good and bad visit. The good part is that it was free, the bad part is that the LACMA is under some major construction so the exhibits were limited. There was a two floor retrospective of Dan Flavin, a minimalist artist who works in florescent lighting. I can't stand his work and am of the opinion that one Dan Flavin is all you need to see in order to understand his entire body of work. The extensive retrospective was too much for me, so I moved onto the tried and true Italian and European wings; aside from the Japanese building this was basically all that was open. One good thing was that the docents were almost cheery, which is rare, and I was welcomed to take pictures as long as I turned off my flash. At the LACMA this kind of thing is usually unheard of, so I pulled out my camera only to find that my battery was dead...lame. I did take a couple pictures with my phone though.

I didn't note the painter of this portrait, or photograph the whole thing; I basically just fell in love with the dress and want one of my own.

This is a painting by Henri Fuseli. I didn't note the title, but I love Fuseli.

I'd never heard of this artist, but I loved his sculptures. His name is Jean Disire Ringel d'illzach.

Ferdinand Hodler.

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