Tuesday, July 31


Cheryl and Ty went on a motorcycle ride this afternoon. As I sat in the living room, reading, I heard "Kelly! Kelly! Come here!" I ran to the driveway to find Cheryl staring at a black dot on the ground and dripping blood. She had crashed coming into the driveway, while getting up she spotted the tarantula. The dutiful blogger I am, I ran inside for my camera.

The spider became alarmed by my flash and retreated into the bushes, but Cheryl didn't like that they were the bushes next to the house.

Ty remedied the issue by directing Heinrich (that's what I named him) to the neighbor's bushes.

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Anonymous said...

Don't tell Cheryl how hard I laughed! Some poor tarantula got squished when he/she startled me when I was a teenaged car washer in Banning. I am glad that one escaped the wrath of the wet flip-flop! mom