Thursday, July 26

Customer Conversations

One thing about dealing with customers in car service is that repairs are expensive, cars are complicated, and things sometimes go wrong. This is why our customer relations manager is one extremely busy lady. She receives the angriest of our angry customers. She listens to rants and raves with so much patience that I think she should be considered for saint hood. Today, while listening to her voicemail, she got one of the most off the wall rants ever; and I believe that it almost makes up for all those customers we wish would learn to calm down before dialing the phone. The woman leaving the message reportedly entered into an extremely heated and belligerent message. Just as she began to spew out a new slew of expletives the message cut in to the woman screaming, a loud crash followed by the woman saying, "Oh my goodness...oh my..." and then the call ended. Yes, the woman had been driving while yelling into the phone and crashed because of it. The message was saved in case the woman tries to blame us for the accident.

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Anonymous said...

Like the spider, love the car and trailor. Of course yoyu identify with the reck. DOD