Friday, July 20

The Art of a Peace and Quiet

This weekend I've been left alone with the animals. This, if it turns out as I hope, will be the first weekend in awhile where I have no major plans; no trips to visit anyone, no plans to see a concert or a museum, no work, and this came at the perfect time. I know it's time for a relaxing weekend when one eyelid develops a slight twitch that only I notice. After work tonight I took a quick nap, finished my lastest novel so I can begin the new Harry Potter tomorrow, and walked outside to find an atmosphere that reminded me of a habit I had as a child. I used to wake up with the sun and meander through our front yard, observing the plants and the way the air feels just before the sun breaks above the horizon. Tonight the dusk gave off that similar feeling and I couldn't help but run inside for my camera to capture the plants in the yard.

When I got back inside I tried to capture the animals on camera to share on this blog. To my dismay they aren't used to being photographed.

Every time I called his name Lucas tucked himself into my legs. He didn't realize how hard he was to photograph like that.

The cats were all sleeping in various nooks and crannies. Some requiring larger crannies thank others...poor rotund George. Cassie simply got excited and ran around me like I was playing with her, so I only captured her in passing. Oh well, maybe I'll find an easier subject to photograph tomorrow. Until then I think I'm going to drink some tea, fold my laundry, and make a collage. Oh the glamorous things in life.

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