Tuesday, July 17

Customer Conversations

The customer conversations never cease, and now that I'm on the phone all day I have a much wider selection of interactions to share. One that I seem to have with frequency goes something like this.

ME:Thank you for calling Toyota Service. How can I help you?

CUSTOMER:I'd like to speak to someone in service.

ME:Okay, sir/mam, you're speaking to me in the service department right now. What can I do for you?

CUSTOMER: I need to service my vehicle.

ME: Okay, what kind of service?

CUSTOMER: Oh, the kind I always get.

ME: Is there a phone number I can use to look up your account with?

CUSTOMER: You need to call me?

ME: No...I need to use your number to look up your account.

CUSTOMER: Oh, well, you don't know what kind of service I get done when I come in?

ME: Actually no, I don't...I need to see what you've had done here in the past or know what millage your vehicle has in order to advise you of what kind of service you need.

Yes, I really do have this conversation multiple times a day. Does it feel like I'm in a Monty Python sketch all day? Yes, yes it does.


lisa d said...

super painful.

kelly v said...

Yup, my favorite today was "No I need to speak to someone in the service department"
"Sir, this is the service department. You ARE speaking to someone in service right now."
"No I need to speak to someone in SERVICE."
"Sir, like I said, this is the service department. I am the one you are going to be speaking to about your service."

Anonymous said...

Lily Tomlin sketch, as Ernestine the phone operator, all day!!!??? "have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?" It's the car version of "you know that blue book?..." love, mom