Monday, July 23

Customer Conversations

One of the best yet.

ME: Thank you for calling Toyota service, how can I help you?

CUSTOMER: I'm having my car towed in, I can't watch my husband struggle with it anymore.

ME: Okay Mam, can you tell me what's wrong with your vehicle so I can make an appointment for you?

CUSTOMER: Well, before he got to it, it seemed like the starter was going out.

ME(amused at her tone): What is it doing now?

CUSTOMER: It's not starting at all...and the radiator's in the trunk, along with the battery, and the water pump. I'm having it towed in and banishing him from ever touching it again.

ME: Sounds like a good idea Mam, I have your appointment set up for this afternoon at our Oceanside facility. Do you need the address for the tow truck driver?

CUSTOMER: No, he knows where it is.

ME: Alright, can I help you with anything else?

CUSTOMER: Nope, and I've already made my husband take a walk around the block to think about what he's done.

ME(suppressing all but the most professional laughter): Alright then, it sounds like every thing's taken care of. We'll see you this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

How is your lip? It must be badly bittin. Cool. DOD