Sunday, September 16

The Idyllwild Area Museum

So, I realize now that I have never posted anything about the Idyllwild Area Historical Museum despite the fact that it's the only museum I've interned at thus far. I stopped in this weekend to check out the new exhibit and chat with everyone at the reception for the Idyllwild home tour. Things are looking good, and the home tour did well. So here it is, the Idyllwild museum. If you haven't been in you should check it out; admission is free and there are some really interesting items on display.

The building itself is part of the collection; it's a converted cabin from the 1950s.

This is a map of what Emerson pictured Idyllwild's future to be. If you look closely you'll see an actual Lake where lake street is now. Obviously some of Emerson's plans fell through.

A covered case you didn't get the chance to play Oregon Trail in elementary school.

This is the Cahuilla Indian display.

These photos are the newest exhibit. I didn't take photos of all the exhibits, I don't want to ruin the displays for you. So yeah, stop by, learn something; laugh at the tiny covered wagon.

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