Thursday, September 20

The Smashing Pumpkins!!!

Earlier today at work, while sorting through piles of paperwork, Keziah called me "Do you want to go see the Smashing Pumpkins tonight?" HECK YES!!! As it turned out, one of the mechanics had extra tickets for the show at the Open Air Theater at SDSU. So the last minute plan emerged and we got to see the Pumpkins. Our seats were the definition of nose bleed; we were seriously at the top of the stadium, which meant that we could barely see anything happening on stage. I ended up looking at the library that stood as the backdrop for the concert and people watching. The music was amazing of course, despite the fact that we couldn't really see the band. However, at the end of the encore our escort yelled, "Follow me!" As we followed him to the front the reason became clear, the Pumpkins are apparently famous for the deceptive encore. After dramatically bowing and laying down their instruments they reemerged and played two more songs. We were in the first seating area for these songs, and the experience was a billion times better than the nose bleed one. If it hadn't been for Dave I never would have known this little trick, nor would I have gone to the concert at all. So yeah, now I can say that I've seen the Smashing Pumpkins live.


lisa d said...

that is freaking awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm turning green Kelly. Good for you. Sherry