Wednesday, December 19

Idyllwild's "Wild Child"

I was informed earlier this week that one of Idyllwild's finest, Nate Lowman, has made it into one high class magazine called "Star". So high class in fact that when I tried to find it at Borders I was informed that they don't carry "Star", "US Weekly" yes but not "Star". I finally found it at a 7 Eleven and read the article inside. Known for his bullet hole paintings, Nate has made a name for himself in the New York art scene. So what qualifies him to be published in such a fine journal? Not his art, no, he's dating Mary Kate Olsen. Nate went to school with my sister, and graciously let me tag along with the older kids to play in his tree house at ISOMATA faculty pot lucks. Who knew that some day he would gain such status?

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