Thursday, March 20

Back to the Belly Up

Last night I made it back to the Belly Up Tavern for the first time in 2008; Tristan Prettyman, a San Diego native, was playing there. The show was sold out, and for some reason it was an unusually tall crowd. Most of the time we go to the Belly Up Tavern we get there in time to snag a table or a stool on the side, but last night we got there in time to join the sea of people at the center of the venue. Now, I am five feet ten inches tall and don't often feel dwarfed, but last night it felt like everyone around us was six feet tall or taller; it was like being in a valley, only the mountains around me were people. I did manage to stick my camera above the crowd to get a couple shots of the show though, which look remarkably like the pictures from the other Belly Up shows I've been to. Basically the performers are the only changes; I don't think the Belly Up ever changes it's lighting or stage set up. It was a good show though; people really turned out to support the hometown girl.

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