Monday, March 17

Torrey Pines State Park

All day at work today I was feeling restless; I wanted to hike, or climb a rock, or do anything but be inside my florescent lit office talking about cars. I ended up going to the Torrey Pines State Park to do some hiking, and it was both energizing and therapeutic. The plant life there is very similar to that found in Idyllwild, and it brought me some comfort to be near such familiar flora and fauna.

At one point in my hike I came upon a geology class on a field trip. I laughed to myself as the professor did a double take at me passing by, as if I belonged in her class. I actually felt like I could have joined in with all the students, holding their notebooks and answering in unison "sandstone" when asked about the rock formations. I momentarily missed my own geology labs, then proceeded down the path on my own.

I ended my hike at sunset, when the park closes to the public anyways, and sat on the shore watching the sun sink below the horizon. This video sort of captures how beautiful it was, even though the cinematography is a little shaky due to my lack of a tripod. I love spring.


Anonymous said...

and the govenator says "Let us close nature because we can't pay anyone to administrate their safety" How amazing a way to finish your day and enjoy what the Great Administrator has provided! Lovely. I'm both envious of the new territory and proud that it's such a part of you. Love, Mom

lisa d said...

gorgeous- and not like any idyllwild I'VE seen!