Saturday, March 15

Grant Woods

'American Gothic'1930, has become one of the most famous American paintings in history; parodied almost as excessively as the Mona Lisa. It's painter, Grant Woods, is seldom recognized for his other works though. I recently read an article on 'American Gothic' on NPR's website. It compelled me to see what else Grant Wood had done in his lifetime; I feel like I discovered a whole new artist. One extra note on 'American Gothic', the picture bellow is of the models for the painting. Grant's sister, Nan, and the family dentist; it's interesting to see how Wood changed his sister's face to make it more like the dentists and make her age more ambiguous.

'American Gothic' was not Grant's first time painting a family member; his painting 'Woman with a Plant' 1929 is a portrait of his mother, inspired by 16th century Italian portraiture.

His painting 'Daughters of Revolution' 1932 also interests me; largely because of the unusual composition.

After his success with 'American Gothic' wood was commissioned to create a stained glass window for the Veteran's Memorial building in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

He did some landscapes; this is 'Young Corn' 1931.

His depictions of himself are interesting as well; apparently he felt like he was on display after 'AG' became such a success. This painting 'Return from Bohemia' 1935 is a pretty clear depiction of that.

This is 'Death on Ridge Road' 1935.

Finally, a sculpture that is a tribute to his home town; 'Corn Cob Chandelier'.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun to find out that an artist is so versatile? Mom

cottagemom said...

Thank you for posting these images on your site. Didn't he have a lovely vision? I just read a short story about him, and was curious to see more. Thank you again! Blessings on you and those you love. - Nancy

Anonymous said...

this shit sucks i was looking for pictures of gay guys named grant what the fuck

Kelly Visel said...

Well "Anonymous," I have serious doubts that you were looking for homosexual men named Grant. If that actually IS the case I suggest you go to a gay dating site and find some there. My assumption, being that this blog is very clearly about art and culture, is that you were looking for a place to write something offensive. Well congratulations for finding two of the most common four letter words in the English language and using them with poor grammar and in poor taste. You want a cookie?