Thursday, March 13

What a Weston Goes For

Cabbage Sprout $30,000-50,000

Recently I subscribed to the Sotheby's online auction house. Though I'm not currently shopping for fine art work, I'm interested in how much art and other collectors items are going for these days. I recently browsed through an auction featuring work by one of my favorite photographers, Edward Weston. Let's just say, I have expensive taste.

Church Door, Hornitos $40,000-60,000

Louisiana $10,000-15,000

Rock Wall and Plants $6,000-9,000

Kelp and Shoreline $8,000-12,000


sharon said...

See- this is why I love blogs! I would never have known any of this if I didn't read your musings...

Anonymous said...

champagne taste, beer budget! Get out the camera 'cause this is expensive black & white! Mom