Wednesday, March 12

Purchasing Real-estate from the Grave?

Using Kurt Cobain's name and social security number, identity thieves have been using the finances of the Nirvana frontman for the past five years. They have reportedly purchased two cars and a $3.2 million dollar mansion; they have also aquired about 200 credit cards. The main red flag here? Kurt Cobain commited suicide in April of 1994. When asked about how this could have happend his widow, Courtney Love, has been quoted as saying “I would like to know how. He should probably get his a** back home if [it was him].” Apparently Courtney Love has known about the fraud since 2003, but because she was abusing drugs and behaving strangely already, no one believed her. It wasn't until recently, when a check was run on Cobain's social security number, that the extent of the fraud was discovered.

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