Sunday, April 6


So, in the job hunt I've found that floral design is an extremely valuable skill. I decided that I should put together a portfolio of the work I've done to show prospective employers what I can do. "Look! Not only am I smart, creative, and educated but I can help you keep event costs low by doing all the flowers." Well, as it turns out I have been terrible at documenting the work I've done. Out of all the weddings, florist help, prom, and earth fair flowers I can only find a hand full of pictures; most of which are poor quality because they were taken using disposable cameras. Here's where you can help; if you have pictures of any of the flowers I've done please get me copies so I can beef up my portfolio. These are the best shots I can find...seriously.


alexae said...

Um... not to say I told you so... but consider it implied. I've got some nice shots from Sarah's wedding. Need them?

sarah said...

me, too! can do!