Tuesday, April 1


Sick and busy packing, I haven't felt like cooking anything all day, but I was hungry so I took myself out to lunch. While out I found that my car was getting harder to start; the reason is the battery, which I have known about for the past thousand miles or so, but have been procrastinating finding a replacement for. I decided to take care of it today and stopped by NAPA on the way home. Since I was already out and driving I ventured out further to try and find cheap running shoes because mine have begun to fall apart and I wanted to take care of that before returning to the mountain. I didn't find any that I liked, but I did have fun being distracted by all the other shoes.

This last pair was kind of ugly, but they were actually really comfortable, and they pushed me closer to being about 6'3" tall instead of 5'10".


alexae said...

I think you have something on your ankle... you should have a doctor look at that.

sarah said...

ooohhhh, shoes.

(alexae- that's something i'd say to my little sister. nice work.)