Sunday, July 27

Songs About Art

"Air Painter" by Cansei de Ser Sexy

It would take more than a day to change.
It would take more than a thousand pens and papers
to let go, to grow, so much crap.

Tell me a story, write down a secret,
Buy me a sandwich, get me some hot tea,
Speak in your language, turn off the t.v.,
Make me a drawing, …..
Send me a postcard, write me a letter
And sing this song as loud as you can be

I’m a black eyed raccoon working from the moon
I look back and all I did was blank
Not there never there

It was all dream of gray fantasy
To much hope tricking me
Draw the smiles on my face
Draw your face on my face
miss you


lisa d said...

josh loves this band!!!!

Kelly V. said...

I know, and the good news is that their new album "Donkey" isn't peppered with all the dirty language that kept him from buying the first one.