Saturday, December 13

The Snow

The first snow came to Idyllwild last night. The weather man had predicted it, and after a day of dark ominous sky, the rain drops turned to white flakes. I was in Hemet during the day and was crossing my fingers that the clouds would hold off 'till I got up the hill because I have yet to determine which box of chains in the garage is for my car, let alone put them in my trunk. It did snow last night though, and despite the cold I ventured into the quiet street to document the evening. The street light on the corner and the moon provided some interesting light effects.

He's been a San Diego car most of his life, but I'm proud of my little Honda's ability to handle the snow. Though the layer on the street wasn't too thick, Rico took to it like a champ.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos. Snow very nice!